Music has a new nadir

Music has a new nadir.

King 810’s Memoirs of a Murderer is an excruiciating 67 minutes of the dumbest, crudest nu-metal that has ever existed. This terrible band hail from the northern US town of Flint, Michigan and their awful album is set up as a portrait of frontman David Gunn’s life in this violent, racial melting pot, an economically-depressed hellhole. Other bands have evolved from similar backgrounds but few if any have been this bad.

When Body Count came out of South Central LA, their music wasn’t that great, but their songs were catchy and Ice-T’s gutter poetry and sardonic humour made their schtick believable and entertaining. King 810 has no such talent. Gunn intones his poor-man’s white rapper lyrics in a hysterically-bad cupped-mic fashion with the passion of a corpse while the rest of the band play laughably awful down-tuned nu-metal riffs cast-off by Korn in 1991. There is nothing to recommend about King 810’s songs, unless they serve as an example of how low labels like Roadrunner are setting their sights these days.

Literally every band in Sydney is better than King 810. If Fred Durst had his brain excised, and teamed up with a bunch of guys who’d just been fired from the world’s worst Slipknot cover band for sucking too much, that would still be a better band than this. Now that people are stealing music as if it were worthless, worthless it has become. King 810 is proof.

1. Killem All
2. Best Nite of My Life
3. Murder Murder Murder
4. Take It
5. Fat Around the Heart
6. Treading and Trodden
7. Anatomy 1-2
8. Eyes
9. Desperate Lovers
10. Boogeyman
11. Devil Don’t Cry
12. Anatomy 1-3
13. Carve My Name
14. War Outside
15. Write About Us
16. State of Nature