Delivers on every level of mayhemic intensity

Not since Damaged has there been an extreme metal band that has captured the nation’s attention with the same degree as King Parrot.

In fact, with just one full-length release these Melbourne maniacs have already surpassed the achievements of the anger-driven, problematic Ballarat hatecore crew and with Dead Set they deliver on every level of mayhemic intensity. King Parrot has been on the road constantly since Bite Your Head Off smashed down the ivory towers of the Australian music community three years ago, and that only seems to have made them an even crazier and far more venomous animal than back then.

This is an expectedly relentless piece of work that displays a definite maturity in the band’s style, but certainly not in the attitude as frontman Youngy lets us have it with strings of harsh expletives as the band rips through punk-laced thrash-tinged grind from beginning to end. ‘Anthem of the Advanced Sinner’ kicks straight into Napalm Death-like overdrive before ‘Need No Savior’ introduces a more omnious style of riffing that also features in tracks like ‘Tomorrow Turns to Blood’, both with an impressive growl that sets off Young’s more usual manic screaming. ‘Home is Where the Gutter is’ builds to a seriously crushing chug while the blazing, vitriolic ‘Like a Rat’ veers hard into the spectrum of thrashy New York hardcore. The title track wanders to a near-epic length through twisted riffs, guitar noise and rantings, fading out into some kind of drunken bogan rambling in case you didn’t already get the gist of where King Parrot comes from. Dead Set surpasses the insanity and intensity of the previous release in every way possible, a scorching, calamitous onslaught of speed, sludge and abuse and an instant extreme metal classic from a band that’s only just getting started.
1. Anthem of the Advanced Sinner
2. Need No Savior
3. Hell Comes Your Way
4. Like a Rat
5. Tomorrow Turns to Blood
6. Home is Where the Gutter is
7. Sick in the Head
8. Punisher
9. Reject
10. Dead Set