An exploration of expansive, baleful melody and crushing riffs

Spawned from the heart of the Melbourne grind scene, Reclaim the Darkness sounds as cold as the Arctic wastes.

Featuring David Hill and Tony Forde from the likes of Fuck… I’m Dead, The Day Everything Became Nothing and, most noteworthy of all, Blood Duster, KING has sprung fully formed with an album that blasts a cold malevolence like the icy winds of a frozen tundra.

Forde sounds positively evil across every track, his vocals a dry, bitter rasp reminiscent of Jon Nödtveidt, and there is in fact, a very solid Dissection feel to the album as a whole. Ringing acoustics build the atmosphere into the appropriately titled opener ‘Cold Winds’, adding classic-style Swedish melo-death riffing and sharp soloing. On epic tracks like ‘My Destination the Stars’ Hill weaves cascades of riffs that somehow merge into each other.

Reclaim the Darkness is an exploration of expansive, baleful melody and crushing riffs, a portrait of barren, ruined landscapes. Forde shows a surprising new side of his character as he howls across the desolation and Dave Haley’s playing takes a restrained turn, allowing Hill to build immense riffs and tear off classic and folk-metal inspired solos, evoking music that is hypnotically bleak in its outlook and execution, a feeling heightened by a deep production that brings out every frost-bitten nuance. For a debut release, one could not ask for much better.

1. Cold Winds
2. Reclaim the Darkness
3. All in Black
4. My Destination the Stars
5. NIght Sky Abyss
6. Winter Sons
7. Black North
8. The Journey Begins
9. One World One King