A reassembly of a formula that has worked well at getting mosh pits going for a long time

Knocked Loose are a band that bridges hardcore and metal similarly to bands such as Hatebreed or Converge before them. It’s nothing new or refreshing, just a reassembly of a formula that has worked so well at getting mosh pits going for a very long time already.

Honestly, there is no problem with this at all. Sure it feels unoriginal sometimes, but this is the band’s second album and a further example of why there are so many people talking about them.  In the modern hardcore world, doing something this creatively straight forward is almost frowned upon because it isn’t pushing the right boundaries.  But really, who cares when it is done this well and sound this good?

‘Belleville’ opens the album with the expected amount of venom that continues throughout.  Modern production titan Will Putney adds weight to everything, adding intricate samples through out to break up the feeling of constant battering. That sound manages to creep in on tracks such as the fast paced ‘Mistakes Like Fractures’, hardcore in pace right up until the chorus line that breaks down so hard it might cause seizures. Bryan Garris  hits a guttural low as well as his standard shriek that separates those willing to listen and those not. Elsewhere, Keith Buckley pops up on the riotous ‘Forget Your Name’, lending his weighty credentials to the band, while relative new comer Emma Boster from Dying Wish adds some great dynamics to ‘A Serpent’s Touch’, one of the album stand outs.

This is the kind of album that will divide opinions, both musically and lyrically very heavy, musing on everything from death to depression and that kind of thing will always regulate personal taste.


  1. Belleville
  2. Trapped in the Grasp of A Memory
  3. A Serpent’s Touch
  4. By the Grave
  5. In the Walls
  6. Guided By the Moon
  7. Mistakes Like Fractures
  8. Forget Your Name
  9. Road 23
  10. …And Still I Wander South
  11. Denied By Fate
  12. Misguided Son