Stands up strongly against early material

The Bakersfield originators go back to basics on album number twelve with big beats, creepy background guitars, and crisp vocal melodies.

With nu-metal slowly making a comeback in some sense, Korn are back to show the kids where it all started. They let loose from the start: dark, brooding, and heavy. This is the Korn that I remember from the late 90s and early 00s, when their sound was fresh and different. Never a band to be frightened to try things (the experiments with Goth and dub left me behind) the opening track ‘Insane’ has some very odd sounding scratching that sounds like some demented laugh, courtesy of some DJ called C-Minus (thanks kids). His scratching pops up a few more times on the album, but is never as prominent as this first track.

From here, the album sounds like Korn. You know the one. We all denied liking them, but secretly played them when your mates couldn’t bag you out. They attempted to reach this sound on Korn III, and fell a little short in places, but here the production is tight, and the interplay between the guitarists is great.

Jonathon Davis’ lyrics can leave a little to be desired these days. I don’t know if it’s because I have grown up, and he hasn’t had to, but he still taps into a rich vein of teenage angst at times, the big pointers being ‘The Hating’ and ‘Take Me’. This is made all the more obvious when, sandwiched in between these two lyrically daft tracks, is my favourite on the album ‘A Different World’ with great vocal interplay between him and Corey Taylor.

What is really enjoyable about this album though is that if someone who had never heard Korn wanted some sample tunes, you could take any from this album and they would stand up strongly against the early material.

1.    Insane
2.    Rotting In Vain
3.    Black is the Soul
4.    The Hating
5.    A Different World
6.    Take Me
7.    Everything Falls Apart
8.    Die Yet Another Night
9.    When You’re Not There
10. Next In Line
11. Please Come For Me
12. Baby
13. Calling Me Too Soon