70s rock, grunge, stoner with a touch of garage

For great SoCal rock, look no further than the three piece Kyng who released their sophomore effort Burn the Serum earlier in the year.

70s rock, grunge, stoner with a touch of garage, pretty much if you’re into that Fu Manchu groove but with more potential for stadium rock then you’ll dig Kyng. With vocalist/guitarist Eddie Veliz’s stellar Cornell-like tones, Tony Castaneda’s churning bass and the brilliance of Pepe Clarke behind the skins, Kyng have all the tools to surge in the world of heavy rock in the next few months.

From the outset Kyng builds, entering the album with the colossal title track which blends a killer riff with punctuated vocal and a groove that will bring smiles to the masses. Put simply, ‘Burn the Serum’ is a contender for song of the year. Setting the bar that high unfortunately has its fall back and whilst the rest of the album fails to reach the high of the opener, they come close enough.

Heavier riffs are dotted throughout, ‘Lost One’ and ‘The Ode’ in particular thriving on Clarke’s immaculate drumming and Veliz’s sublime vocal. The heaviest track, ‘Big Ugly Me’ isw perhaps a little too ambitious however, disjointed for most part with Veliz suited to a less chaotic structure. First single ‘Electric Halo’ delivers the rock friendly retort, a slower trudge with more distortion than anything else on Burn the Serum. From the Sabbath-like intros ‘In the Land of the Pigs’ to the grungier ‘Sewn Shut’ and ‘Sunday Smile’, Kyng’s mixed delivery and talent shine. Culminating in the Zeppelinesque ‘Paper Heart Rose’, an acoustic ambient stroll, Burn the Serum is a quality release. One or two tracks suffer from becoming monotonous, in particular ‘Faraway’, however, following the band’s impressive debut Trampled Sun, this album is another step in the right direction.

1. Burn the Serum
2. Lost One
3. Electric Halo
4. Sewn Shut
5. Far Away
6. Self-medicated Man
7. The Ode
8. In the Land of Pigs
9. Sunday Smile
10. Big Ugly Me
11. Paper Heart Rose