Heading back in the right direction

Lacuna Coil has always been one of those bands that you either loved or hated, and as the movement of female fronted goth metal bands rose to greater heights they were part of the group of bands that metal heads ridiculed other metal heads for liking.

Say what you will, everyone will have an opinion, but I for one have always been a fan of Lacuna Coil.

Lacuna Coil had their greatest success with the release of Comalies in 2002, and from there they continued to rise to new heights; until 2009 when Shallow Life was set upon the world. An album as empty as the title indicates.

As I braced myself for Dark Adrenaline, taking a few deep breaths before pushing play as I anticipated yet another venture into the pop world Lacuna Coil entered two years ago, yet didn’t belong to, I was more than pleasantly surprised. The opening track and first single  “Trip The Darkness” is everything a Lacuna Coil song should be and more. It’s little heavier than what we heard on Unleashed Memories,  slightly more haunting then tracks on Coma Lies, and catchier than what Karmacode had to offer.

The first track sets the precedent for the whole album. Dark Adrenaline is what you would expect from a Lacuna Coil record, but pushes everything to 11. After the disappointment of Shallow Life it seems they’re trying very hard to prove they have not lost their edge, and doing all it can to push the memories of that album out of people’s heads. Honestly it’s hard to pinpoint single highlights on the record as Lacuna Coil really have outdone themselves, but “The Army Inside” definitely stands out. Cristiano’s guitar solo on this track is what pushes it above the rest with that crisp classic metal sound. It could quite easily be the best solo on any Lacuna Coil track to date.

Dark Adrenaline has restored faith in Lacuna Coil in this fan, and will surely do the same for others. There is little to fault about this record; even the cover of R.E.M’s “Losing My Religion” doesn’t stop the momentum. Lacuna Coil has regained traction and Dark Adrenaline sees them heading back in the right direction. All we need to do now is forget that other album and carry on as if Dark Adrenaline comes directly after Karmacode.

1. Trip the Darkness
2. Against You
3. Kill the Light
4. Give Me Something More
5. Upsidedown
6. End of Time
7. I Don’t Believe in Tomorrow
8. Intoxicated
9. The Army Inside
10. Losing My Religion
11. Fire
12. My Spirit