Brisk, bouyant, ridiculously silly and fun

As they do with Vikings, metal bands have an unhealthy obsession with pirates and drinking and in recent years there’s been a surge in bands like Alestorm who combine the two.

LagerStein is essentially Brisbane’s version of Alestorm, although they have virtually dispensed with any songs about actually pirating to instead dedicate entire albums about one thing – rum. It’s kind of like a one-joke deal they’ve somehow stretched across two albums now, but Everybody Loves Raymond was a two-joke show that lasted nine seasons, and this is far more entertaining than that. A rousing mixture of symphonic folk metal and sea shantys, All For Rum & Rum For All is a rollicking lark with Capt. Gregarrr leading his scurvy crew through a collection of novelty tunes all about imbibing more rum than is humanly possible. Keytars and violins abound and Gregarrr vocalises the whole thing in a piratical semi-growl, accompanied by spirited cheers and gang vocals in the choruses. It’s brisk, bouyant, ridiculously silly and fun, with some great little Easter eggs hidden in the long play-out of ‘Fountain of Rum’. You probably won’t play this album more than once or twice, but when you do you’ll enjoy every moment of it.

1. Raise Your Steins
2. Tales of the Fallen Ales
3. Drink the Rum
4. Sail Ho!
5. Jungle Juice
6. German Fun Times
7. Down the Hatch
8. Shiver Me Timbers
9. Land of Bundy
10. Fountain of Rum
11. Fliegerlied