Hardly essential

Without the ability to hit the road in support of it, on September 18 last year Lamb of God played their new album in full at a club in their hometown for a worldwide web streaming event.

This is the recording from that show, and those who watched either this or the one the following week when they played though Ashes of the Wake will know that Lamb of God totally smoked. The performance is pretty faultless, and the inclusion of their Bill and Ted track The Death of Us was a nice bonus, but the thing about the best live albums is the way they capture the energy and the feedback loop of a band playing to a live audience – the band ripping the crowd apart, the crowd reacting, sharing and recycling the energy.

Despite Randy’s occasional shout out to an audience he can’t even see, this really comes across as a full band rehearsal, the loud hum of overdriven amps only hint they’re not actually in a recording studio. It adds next to nothing to what last year’s self-titled release already was – a pretty good Lamb of God album. Tacking on a couple of new songs only makes it feel like even more of a cynical cash grab, especially when they could have just as easily done an EP.

If you missed the stream and you really have to see it, it’s included on the accompanying DVD, but unless you’re the kind of LOG completist who trolls eBay looking for Burn the Priest splits, this is hardly essential.

  1. Momento Mori
  2. Checkmate
  3. Gears
  4. Reality Bath
  5. New Colossal Hate
  6. Resurrection Man
  7. Poison Dream
  8. Routes
  9. Bloodshot Eyes
  10. On the Hook
  11. Contractor
  12. Ruin
  13. The Death of Us
  14. 512
  15. Ghost Shaped People (studio track)
  16. Hyperthermic/Accelerate (studio track)