An interesting nu-metal/deathcore mix up

There are some genres of music that just don’t seem like they would make sense together.

In the case of The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, they create a mix of late 90s nu-metal and modern deathcore, very heavy but full of clean vocals and that familiar bass driven bounce.

It makes for an interesting listening from the very beginning,  ‘Little Black Line’ sounding very 1999 with a nearly rapped opening verse until the chorus comes growling through the gate. Follow up ‘The Drip’ is an altogether more deathcore track, albeit with creepy Korn-esque synth ensuring the nu-vibe is still there. If like myself you are always searching for new sounds to keep you keen and feeling valid in an ever-changing music world, this may just be one of those bands to hold your interest.

As the album moves on, the band push more in a deathcore vein. ‘Six Feet’ and ‘Blind Faith’ are great examples of the TLTSOL’s ability to keep up with your average deathcore band. A great example of them perfectly clicking with the new sound they are helping to create is title track ‘The Violent Sound’. Perhaps this is the sound Suicide Silence was shooting for on their latest opinion splitting release.

The production is the bass heavy sort of affair we have come to expect in this style of music, big bass drops so the pit knows when to uncross their arms and go off. All in all, not a bad listen, but I am unsure how much it will really take off. I wish the band nothing but the best, and hope they find the niche this sound is aimed at. I know I eagerly anticipate their next move from here.

1. Little Black Line
2. The Drip
3. Bloodlust
4. Six Feet
5. The Violent Sound
6. Casanova
7. Bag of Bones
8. Switch
9. Blind Faith
10. Wise Blood
11. Social Suicide
12. Last Words