Probably their best release so far

After a decade of making themselves a prominent name in the metalcore genre, As I Lay Dying have come out with The Powerless Rise, perhaps one of the greatest metalcore albums to date.

On this album, the amount of growth and sound maturity is obvious, especially when compared to their 2001 debut album Beneath the Encasing Ashes. Although the band is sound has not differed too much from what fans are use to, there are slight differences that make this album probably their best release so far.

While it may have taken three years to hear a new album from the guys, it is worth the wait to hear how much their sound has developed. There are still the melodic, clean vocals of the chorus along with the growls, the fast and heavy guitars and pulsating drums, but the sound has just developed. The album is perfectly structured so each song has equal melodic and brutal elements. All the tracks just flow from one to the next, making it an easy album to listen to from beginning to end, as. The build ups and breakdowns is just further proof of how long As I Lay Dying have been doing this, and how much they have learnt and taken from their previous albums.

The main difference in The Powerless Rise is Tim Lambesis’ vocals. He still uses that growl that fans know and love, but he has gone lower, giving the music a death metal sound mixed within the metalcore. With the DM growls comes heavier guitars and that is what pushes this album head and shoulders over their contemporaries. Rather than sticking to the traditional mould, As I Lay Dying, have added, removed, changed and made what is the album that truly defines them. They have created their own iconic sound within the metalcore scene and it seems that what they have been working towards has come together in The Powerless Rise.

This is going to be the album that other metalcore bands will compare to their own. As I Lay Dying have definitely raised the bar in the metalcore genre.

1. Beyond Our Suffering
2. Anodyne Sea
3. Without Conclusion
4. Parallels
5. The Plague
6. Anger and Apathy
7. Condemned
8. Upside Down Kingdom
9. Vacancy
10. The Only Constant is Change
11. The Blinding of False Light