Grinders show what they are made of

Wasting no time by jumping straight to the point with ‘Gundog Allegiance’, this is full on grind with no time for rest, as hard hitting as Leng Tch’e have ever sounded. Given it has been seven years since their last recorded output they needed to come out strong like this to show they are still worth listening to.

The next couple of tracks pass by in a blur of grind fury with a delicate mix of death metal groove thrown in to allow you to catch your breath a little and almost relax.

The extended break has allowed Leng Tch’e to bring more melody and groove to their very grinding approach. This is first displayed on ‘Spore’ that swings from a punky, Blood Duster type song into their better known grind sound. But it is on the longer tracks that it really rears its calming head. Here the band has opened themselves up to all elements of extreme metal and created tunes that stick around in the mind a little longer. On tracks like ‘The Red Pill’ they really explore melody instead of relying on brute force and in ‘Guinea Swine’ a more hardcore approach and melody collide into a more modern metal track. All of this culminates in album closer ‘Magellanic Shrine’ as it sways from grind to doom and a few things in between all in its six-minute plus run time.

With all the experimentation on this album it sometimes feels a bit disjointed. Some of the middle tracks you can feel them striving for something but it just doesn’t quite get there, and whether those fillers should have been left on the album will be the source of debate. The great thing about grind like this is that the bad stuff can be over in less than a minute so you don’t even get time to reach for the skip button.

Considering how long the band have been away from public view, Razorgrind is pretty good, but I would recommend going back and checking out their earlier furious grind output to get a greater feel for they were heading for and why it may be divisive among fans.

1. Gundog Allegiance
2. Indomitable
3. Cibus
4. Spore
5. AnarChristic
6. Stentor Of Doom
7. Redundant
8. Commitment Fail
9. The Red Pill
10. Species. Path. Extinction.
11. Guinea Swine
12. Cirrhosis
13. I Am the Vulture
14. Magellanic Shrine