Another excellent release

The Levitation Hex return and continue to push the boundaries of their own creativity with album number two.

Cohesion sees the Canberra/Melbourne collective further expanding the sound they established on debut, itself a (ahem) cohesion of the protagonists’ other musical endeavours. Like them, Cohesion takes a listen or two to really sink in as it reveals more of itself with every run through, but the pay-off is more than worth it.

Off-kilter guitars drop into the raging thrash of opening cut ‘Disrate’, making it vaguely reminiscent of Voivod, a band that has always been a major influence. ‘The Things Time Can’t Mend’ begins with a twisted Eastern-style motif, adding more and more elements as it builds to a crescendo of racing guitars, strings and orchestration, vocal chants and marching beats – an enormous track. On ‘Sleeping Synapse’, the band rip into a seriously catchy rock riff, ‘Amygdala’ floats in on a raft of layered synths with a soft bass line walking behind them before building into chugging riffs and further orchestration. ‘Waste of Worry’ recalls the mid-period work of Adam Agius’ previous act Alchemist, and ‘Buried in a World’ has a bouncy, hooky riff sprinkled with trippy guitars. The interplay between Agius and Mark Palfreyman’s vocals – the former’s more upfront while the latter less distinct – adds a futher dimension and Scott Young chimes in with some timely and classy soloing throughout.

Cohesion is another excellent release from a band that refuses to acknowledge any kind of creative boundaries.

1. Disrate
2. Energy Refund
3. Amygala
4. The Things Time Can’t Change
5. Sleeping Synapse
6. Buried in a World
7. Hipokritikill
8. The Reflection
9. Waste of Worry