The sound of a band staking their claim

Lillyé has quickly become established as a solid new talent on Sydney’s live rock scene but cutting it in the studio is just as important for any band’s reputation; this CD shows that Lillyé are in no danger of letting themselves down on that score. ‘Sik Of U’ is an immediate warning that some heavy-hitting hard rock is about to go down, yet this is merely a warm up for what is to come, a introduction that is almost immediately eclipsed by what comes next. It isn’t a bad track in itself but everything that follows is simply on another level. The five piece really hit their stride in the dark menace of ‘Under’ with its slow churning riff and EP centerpiece ‘Mistakes’ nudges a classic Gothenburg metal sound, peaking with some sparkling interplay between Virginia Lillye’s soaring vocals and Andrew Lilley’s lead guitar. This is simply a fantastic track. The remainder of the EP rocks just as hard, a perfect storm of song writing clout, sterling production and pure talent. ‘Who I’m Meant to Be’ is built around a bouncing hook and ‘Tttalk’ features some driving riffs and nifty sticks-work, every song highlighted by the sheer capacity of Lillye’s vocals, a voice that resonates with dark emotion and power.

Lillyé is the sound of a band staking their claim, and they mean business.

1. Sik of U
2. Under
3. Mistakes
4. Who I’m Meant to Be
5. Tttalk