A much anticipated let down

Six years after they last put out an album, Limp Bizkit perhaps plans to bring nu-metal back to the masses… but the question is, do we really want another cycle of it? Sure, the nu-metal scene produced some great bands but let’s face it, there were plenty of shit ones we wish we could forget.

The album kicks off with the worst introduction I’ve ever heard, nothing more than noise that you’re all going to skip after listening to the first twenty seconds and to be quite honest as the album progresses you will most likely be skipping more than just the intro. The first song “Bring it Back” has a great balance of heavy riffs, plenty of bass and Durst rhymes that we’ve come to expect but it’s followed up with one of the worst tracks on the album, “Gold Cobra”.

It seemed pretty obvious early on that the band had tried to sit down and put tracks together that would re-familiarize the listener with earlier hits such as “Nookie” and “Break Stuff”, but these new songs sadly fall short of impressing fans new and old. The only song that I can honestly say I enjoyed on the new album was “Shotgun”, and that still had too much of a rap/hip-hop feel for my liking, though definitely the best thing on offer from this much anticipated let down.

If you were a massive Limp Bizkit fan you will probably love this. If you are into more of the rap and hip-hop side of the band, you will get right into it but if you are into heavier tunes you are going to hate what the band has done on Gold Cobra. The horribly designed album cover reflects just how bad the songs are as well. If Limp Bizkit were to slip back into obscurity again right now, I’d be one happy man.

1. Introbra
2. Bring it Back
3. Gold Cobra
4. Shark Attack
5. Get a Life
6. Shotgun
7. Douche Bag
8. Walking Away
9. Loser
10. Autotunage
11. 90.2.10
12. Why Try
13. Killer in You