A musical curiosity

Gary Holt of thrash titans Exodus has said in more that one interview that a hit, is a hit. There is no such thing as a guilty pleasure in art, be it music or any other form. If it moves the masses, it is a hit: it doesn’t matter if you don’t like it. This album is paean to those late 90s glory days, whether you and your mates like it or not.

Now, you came here to read my unlearned opinion on this possible pile of bubbling trash, not see me defend this before I have given it a fair spin. That is the point of my opening paragraph, often times we all go into things with good intentions but negative impressions.

The first thing that stands out as opener Out of Style assaults the senses is that guitarist Wes Borland has cranked up his input, adding extra crunch to his guitar tone that makes the music attractive. By the time track three Dad Vibes plays through the Limp Bizkit has already begun to run out of steam. Lyrically the opening set is a middle finger to those who believed they never deserved their spot as one of the biggest nu-metal bands, and at nod-and-wink that perhaps they rally might be too old to carry on the way do.

Maybe to stave off their own boredom, an acoustic cover of Don’t Change crops up in the middle of the album. It is interesting to hear after the posturing that came before it, and in a different setting wouldn’t come across in the strange manner it does. After this Bizkit just crack out the middle fingers again, with only the mid 90s grunge of Barnacle offering just enough musical diversity to keep anyone hanging on. An album with more of this kind of short, punchy material is sure to hail a comeback of sorts more than most of the material hanging out here.

Still Sucks is more a musical curiosity than a band serious about their recorded output. And that’s fine if it’s your thing: a hit is a hit, right? It doesn’t have to tickle all your bits all of the time. Expecting the worst, at times the music, but particularly the lyrics, didn’t let me down on that front. But there is also something comforting hearing a man pushing 50 raging against the world and the people who helped make him famous by talking shit about him and his band.

1. Out of Style
2. Dirty Rotten Bizkit
3. Dad Vibes
4. Turn it Up, Bitch
5. Don’t Change
6. You Bring Out the Worst in Me
7. Love The Hate
8. Barnacle
9. Empty Hole
10. Pill Popper
11. Snacky Poo
12. Goodbye