Completely balls to the wall

Grind/death maniacs Lock Up are back and madder than ever.

Not only have the band invited one of the most precise modern drummers in Adam Jarvis (Misery Index, Scour) into the fold, but they have added Kevin Sharp (Brutal Truth, Venomous Concept) as second vocalist to beef up the already maniacal venom-flecked vocals of Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates, Lurking Fear).

Lock Up have never been about wasting time, cramming as much grind madness into every track as they can, and here is no different and as soon as the cinematic opener Death Itself, Brother Of Sleep gets itself out of the way, the new additions are instantly recognisable.

Sharp’s shrill shriek adds an extra layer of confidence to Lindberg’s darker guttural hardcore bark, amassing a new kind of madness in a band that already don’t make it easy to keep up. Here they almost play off against each other like maniacal conductors, just a freight train to speed up until it all runs off the rails in a pile of smoke and dust.

Luckily the players here are all experienced in sonic chaos. Napalm Death’s Shane Embury is at home amongst music like this with no need to experiment as everything is completey balls to the wall. With so much glory going on at once, it is difficult to find a track or two to point out. From the familiar crust stomp of Triumph of the Grotesque or the death march of the title track, Lock Up aren’t about to reinvent the wheel. Their aim is merely to hit the listener between the ears with a big fucking hammer, an objective that is reached with aplomb time and again.

This is simply one of those assemblies of noise that needs to be heard to be understood, turn up your stereo and get to worrying the neighbours.
1. Death Itself, Brother of Sleep
2. Hell Will Plague the Ruins
3. The Dregs of Hades
4. Black Illumination
5. Dark Force of Conviction
6. Misdirection Thief
7. Dead Legions
8. Triumph of the Grotesque
9. Nameless Death
10. A Sinful Life Power
11. Ashes
12. The Blind Beast
13. Reign on in Hell
14. Crucifixion of Distorted Existence