Grinding up a storm of pure evil

Napalm Death’s Shane Embury sure gets around in grindcore circles. This album marks another year and another great round of output for Embury and a few of his mates.

Demonization is a barely-contained fit of grind madness and death metal violence. Opening full steam ahead with ‘Blood and Emptiness’ Nick Barker is drumming like his life depends on it, while vocalist Kevin Sharp, a common Shane Embury accomplice these days, is on absolute top form, using a deeper register than many will be used to from him.

The band grinds on almost unrelenting until title track ‘Demonization’ comes in almost sludge-like in its pace and heaviness and Sharp shining through at his clearest. The next real stand out track is the very thrash-like ‘Desolation Architect’ where the grind is only really prevalent in the chorus as if the song needs to get faster or heavier.

‘Foul from the Pure’ sounds almost like it is straight from the late 80s Florida death metal scene when it opens up with its groove driven riff, until the end when the band go full swivel-eyed looney before breaking into the groove once more to see the song to its end.

This album more than anything is a great sum of its parts. The band has always been based around Shane and Nick with whomever they can rope in come recording time. But guitarist Anton Reisenegger has really bought in his own style while lending the music to a more cohesive point. All while Kevin Sharp continually experiments with his voice on almost every track, really making him the stand out on this album. This makes Demonization the best album released under the Lock Up banner.

The only real negative I have is it could lose a couple of the middle tracks to cut the fat and keep the album a really lean, fast, violent listen. The only problem being  – what do you cut?

1. Blood and Emptiness
2. The Decay Within the Abyss
3. Locust
4. Demonization
5. Demons Raging
6. Desolation Architect
7. Instruments of Armageddon
8. Sunk
9. The Plague That Stalks the Darkness
10. Foul From the Pure
11. Mind Fight
12. Void
13. Secret Parallel World
14. We Challenge Death