A powerful album of quality cuts

It’s always a pleasant surprise to finally check out a band that you have heard much of but had never quite gotten around to hearing. An even bigger plus is that their roots are firmly planted on Australian soil and that they also freakin’ deliver!

LORD’s slick blend of power and classic metal does not reside in a chasm of unfamiliarity to this reviewer, but man do these guys put a fresh stamp on a well-trodden genre, constantly triggering fond memories of Iron Maiden, early Queensrÿche and Brazil’s Angra, Lord Tim’s soaring vocal confidently owns everything he sings, and from the opening track ‘Betrayal Blind’ you will be a convert. Boasting silky-sweet dual harmonies, infectious melodic solos and a wickedly catchy chorus, this song is emblematic of what follows.

The double-barrel blast of the dystopian future themed title track and the furiously entertaining ‘Point of View’ set the stage nicely for the obligatory power ballad in ‘Walk Away’; a song that begs for waving lighters and anthem sing-a-longs yet is also a lesson in simple yet effective song-writing. ‘2D person in a 3D world’ could be LORD’s ‘Hooker with a Penis’: spouting barbed yet playful social commentary whilst enveloping you in its anthemic charge.

The band prove to be in complete control of their instruments with an effective use of keys, noodling guitar solos, tasteful bass lines and a sweet use of the ride symbol notably distinctive through the stellar production. The band deliver powerful statements with the epic ‘The Last Encore’ and ‘The Chalkboard Prophet’, whilst also managing to break up the mood with some fun in the guitar shredding instrumental ‘Because We Can’ (the title says it all).

The album makes its final impression with a fantasy epic that calls to mind Symphony X in its execution. Lord Tim wails like a banshee over some stellar riffage and some tasteful symphonic movements and this could well be the crown jewel of the album for this reviewer.

With Digital Lies, LORD have unleashed a powerful album of quality cuts that power/classic metal fans will go gaga for, and it all comes hot and fresh without the extra serve of mozzarella. Bon appetit!

1. Incipio
2. Betrayal Blind
3. Digital Lies
4. Point Of View
5. Walk Away
6. 2D Person in a 3D World
7. Final Seconds
8. The Last Encore
9. Because We Can
10. The Chalkboard Prophet
11. Battle of Venarium