A band firing on all cylinders

LORD has long been a band both traditional and ahead of the curve. Musically they are rooted in old-school metal that pays little attention to current trends but in almost every other respect they embrace new technologies like a kid unwrapping goodies at Christmas. They’ve had a web presence and online community since almost before it was a thing and have always managed to keep abreast of changes in the climate when it comes to marketing their music.

This live set, recorded during their ProgPower US appearance in 2016, was originally released as a stream through Vimeo in December last year, a high-definition multi-cam affair with all the hallmarks of quality that LORD fans have every right to expect. The soundtrack CD is just as high quality, cut from the deep catalogue the band has amassed since their Dungeon days that are resplendent with rousing choruses and blazing lead breaks – “Netherlife” has three of them – and the performance of course features all the chops and cheese that LORD has always delivered. The crowd is obviously into it too, as the video shows. Although the bass seemed a little buried and the drum sound a little flat, this is a really strong set of songs from a band firing on all cylinders to deliver a blistering performance of good old Australian metal in front of a foreign audience, something we don’t get to hear very often.

1. The Dreaming
2. Freedom
3. Netherlife (Black Roses Die)
4. Set in Stone
5. Redemption
6. Tarrano del Mar
7. Resurrection
8. The Legend of Huma
9. Through the Fire
10. Footsteps in the Sand
11. Creeping Death