More than fills the gap until the next batch of their own songs

From the days in the distant past when they were still called Dungeon, LORD could always be relied upon to pull together a pretty decent cover tune. 

Undercovers Vol. 1 (!) is a collection of every cover they have recorded over the past 16 years. From studio tests to live tracks and a few done just for the album, this is a solid demonstration of a band seemingly adept at any style they try as LORD takes a crack at everything from pop hits to deep album cuts by some of the world’s best known metal acts.

The results are sometimes cheesy, sometimes truly outstanding, but always done with the keen sense of fun and love for their craft that epitomises all of their work. High-velocity metal like Helloween’s I Want Out, Silent Jealousy by X Japan and their ever-popular cover of Creeping Death with guitarist Mark Furtner on lead vocals are right up the band’s alley and few should even be surprised at their handling of big melodic rock cuts like LRB’s Playing to Win. It’s way more interesting to hear them take on far more left-field choices – a truly surprising take on To the Moon and Back opens the album, faithful to the Savage Garden original but given enough of a twist to even impress Darren Hayes, and their very well known version of On a Night Like This is a riot. Elsewhere (I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight comes very close to Cutting Crew’s original vision.

One clear highlight, however, is a version of Runaway that was done just a test of Lord Tim’s studio and hidden away for years in a corner of Soundcloud. This one is a ripper and easily stands beside Bon Jovi’s original with a heavier feel, and Judas Be My Guide, an obscure Maiden song from the ill-considered Fear of the Dark album, sounds more inspired coming from LORD than from the band who first recorded it.

The album download includes Andy and Tim in podcast mode talking about each track, which is interesting in a fastidiously musicologist way but is probably going to be just skipped over by most people like those unnecessary studio out-takes of your favourite songs that record companies think you want to listen to on box sets, but never do. It’s there if you want it, though.

In all, there’s 23 tracks here including two from Tim’s thrash metal project Blackened Angel and even the thoroughly unexpected romp through Message in A Bottle rocks hard. This will more than fill the gap until the next batch of LORD’s own songs appear.

  1. To the Moon and Back
  2. Judas Be My Guide
  3. Send Me An Angel
  4. Of Sins and Shadow
  5. Message in a Bottle
  6. Shattered
  7. Playing to Win
  8. Someone’s Crying
  9. Hard to Love
  10. Creeping Death (live)
  11. (I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight
  12. Reckless
  13. Silent Jealousy
  14. I Want Out (live)
  15. The Sun Always Shines on TV
  16. The Whisper
  17. Touch the Fire
  18. Wild Child (live)
  19. Break the Ice
  20. Runaway
  21. On a Night Like This
  22. Madhouse – Blackened Angel
  23. Night People – Blackened Angel