Crank the volume and enjoy a step back in time

Finnish young guns Lost Society are back barely a year after their debut, Fast Loud Death. Entrenched in thrash metal, new album Terror Hungry doesn’t deviate the course. Put simply, the band just play a little faster, a little longer and the lyrics are a little cheesier. If Municipal Waste were mashed into Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All period, then this would be the by-product. Riff, hook, verse, gang vocal, repeat. All played at break neck speed with vocalist Sammy Elbanna’s throaty, ball-tearing assault trying as hard as it can to keep pace. It’s not an easy task by any means.

Terror Hungry starts with maniacal laughing reminiscent of Suicidal Tendencies’ Mike Muir before leading into a short guitar warm up. ‘Game Over’ erupts and before you know it you’ll be air-guitaring all over your living room.The band has an unabated persistence in their conquest to play speed metal as it was in the 80s. Besides the subtle gear changes in ‘Overdosed Brain’ the whole album is unceasingly intense. The solos are discharged with high velocity as Elbanna and fellow guitarist Arttu Lesonen take turns blistering their fingers. Despite a penchant for ridiculous, made up-song titles – ‘Attaxic’, ‘Brewtal Awakening’ and ‘F.F.E (Fucked For Eternity) – and a perchant for lyrics relating to getting wasted, sinking brews and ‘fucking shit up’, Lost Society are a group of highly skilled thrash mechanics. Technically superb, forget the lyrics and the Gen Y credentials, crank the volume and enjoy a step back in time.

  1. Spurgatory
    2. Game Over
    3. Attaxic
    4. Lethal Pleasure
    5. Terror Hungry
    6. Snowroad Blowout
    7. Tyrant Takeover
    8. Overdosed Brain
    9. Thrashed Reality
    10. F.F.E.
    11. Brewtal Awakening
    12. Mosh it Up
    13. Wasted After