A good solid hardcore record

Don’t know who Madball is yet? Maybe you have been looking in the wrong places or perhaps you are listening to the wrong people’s opinion on music.

Madball has always been a part of what the New York Hardcore scene is, in sound and lifestyle. Vocalist Freddy Cricien is the only person born into the scene courtesy of his older brother and Agnostic Front main man Roger Miret who helped thrust Freddy ‘Madball’ onto the stage in the late 80s at the tender age of 12.

So, with that introduction out of the way what can really be said about this newest release by the band?  If you know Madball then you know what you are in for, positive lyrics barked at you by Freddy with an almost at times hip-hop flow while Hoya Roc holds down the bass groove alongside drummer Mike Justian while ex-guitarist-cum-session guy Matt Henderson supplies the guitar crunch.

Coming out the gate thick and fast with ‘Smile Now Pay Later’ and ‘Rev Up’ shows exactly the style this band have always been known for and continue to hold together here. The stand outs are Ice-T’s appearance on ‘Evil Ways’ and producer and Rancid mainman Tim Armstrong on ‘The Fog’ that also has a notable opening courtesy of punk stalwart Steve Whale of The Business fame.

But it really doesn’t matter where you look, this album is as close to the perfect NYHC album as any band is likely to get, from the almost clean sung parts of ‘Freight Train’ or the crossover thrash elements of ‘Lone Wolf’ or the solid beat down and lyrics of ‘Old Fashioned’, everything that makes the scene diverse but so similar is all on display here.

If a good solid hardcore record is your thing, here it is. If it isn’t, perhaps it’s time to get on board and check out the quality one of the originators is still putting out.

  1. Smile Now Pay Later
  2. Rev Up
  3. Freight Train
  4. Tempest
  5. Old Fashioned
  6. Evil Ways (Feat. Ice T)
  7. Lone Wolf
  8. Damaged Goods
  9. The Fog (Feat. Tim Armstrong and Steve Whale)
  10. Es Tu Vida
  11. For You
  12. For The Cause