Airy and ethereal melodic post-rock

Majora have been drawing some attention to themselves this year playing shows with bands like Twelve Foot Ninja and Osaka Punch and undoubtedly causing a stir by doing so with a style far removed from acts such as those.

The third EP release from the Newcastle quartet, Aphotic is broken into halves, the first of which is a four-song sequence that flows from one track to the next with barely discernible transitions. Each of these tracks has a distinct flavour – ‘Aphotic’ has moments of heaviness, ‘Every Shadow is Threatened by Morning Light’ relies more on synths and atmospherics – while maintaining a consistent style brimming with jangly, melodic guitars and distant drum beats. There is about it a sleepmakeswaves-like quality without that band’s more obvious rock moments.

Aphotic’s second half is the sprawling two-parter ‘Kursk’, the almost imperceptible ‘Descent’ leading to the darker and expansive ‘Requiem’. Here, the melody lines and overall atmosphere are reminiscent of We Lost the Sea’s Departure Songs, albeit somewhat less bleak, particularly as it builds towards the middle, subsiding to a swirling synths and plodding bass line that take the track to another crescendo of crashing riffs and bell-like guitars.

If there’s a criticism of Aphotic, it is that Majora perhaps take a little too long to change things up from the airy and ethereal melodic post-rock of the EP’s first half, but those who stick with it until the end will be greatly rewarded.

1. The Fear of Falling Forever
2. Aphotic
3. Every Shadow is Threatened by Morning Light
4. Tidal
5. Kursk – Descent
6. Kursk – Requiem