Not a great release

Despite assumingly being named after a Cannibal Corpse song, Western Australia’s Make Them Suffer share little with the death metal legends.

Well, actually that’s a bit of a lie; yes they have extreme vocals and manic drumming, but the young five piece sound owes a debt to the black end of the metal spectrum, as well as a hefty amount of influence from the deathcore scene on their debut, five-track EP “Lord of Woe”.

Opening track “Summoning Storms” packs some pretty hefty breakdowns, as does the more streamlined “Affliction of the Dead”, but the main issue with the “Lord of Woe” EP is that the songs really just all sound the same. At times Make Them Suffer appear that they are making progress, but unnecessary inclusions of piano and string parts sound tacked on, and really make the group out to be desperately trying to replicate an early incarnation of American group Abigail Williams. But for all that, the record is still somewhat enjoyable as a whole, and their vocalist has an impressive growl/shriek combination, while the drumming is full throttle throughout.

“Lord of Woe” is not a great release, nor is it even original, but the songs pack enough punch and aggression to impress any fans of blackened deathcore (if there is such a genre (and let’s hope there isn’t! – Ed.)) – however if any kvlt black metal fans are looking for the next Emperor they won’t find it with Make Them Suffer. Let us hope for a more varied and memorable full length release, because this group has the potential to grow into a much bigger and stronger entity.

1. Summoning Storms
2. Lord of Woe
3. The Eternal Cold
4. Affliction of the Dead
5. Weeping Wastelands