A venomous and unrelenting offering

Hailing from one of Australia’s musical hotbeds, Perth’s Make Them Suffer have been plying their musical wares since 2008 with an amalgam of metalcore, black, death and symphonic metal.

Following their initial demo and independent EP release, they have signed to Roadrunner Records and delivered their highly anticipated debut album release, Neverbloom.

Following the delicate strings and orchestra of Prologue, the mood instantly alternates as the title track launches into a bombast of blast beats and chugging riffs that shift between intense black metal and a driving deathcore groove. This is underpinned with delicate piano lines and haunting female backing vocals and topped off with Sean Harmanis’ piercing shouts and guttural growls showing no restraint.

The tracks are consistently brutal and heavy throughout, quite apparent in the likes of “Maelstrom”, “Widower” and the bludgeoning “The Well”. “Morrow (Weaver of Dreams)” and “Weeping Wastelands” take more influence from the modern era of heavier music with djent-like riffs and abundant polyrhythms and “Elegies” also differs a bit due to the embracing of an ambient and melodic feel with the keyboard and orchestrations taking a prominent role.

For all of the diversity, however, it does suffer a very similar fate to that of their contemporaries by sounding quite similar from track to track. There’s nothing to fault in the playing, they simply have a tendency to fall back on the same riffs, beats and vocal attacks. The production allows every instrument to breathe individually within the mix, courtesy of Roland Lim from Birds of Tokyo.

Overall, Neverbloom is a venomous and unrelenting offering of deathcore mixed with the band’s various influences. Make Them Suffer may well become one of the biggest bands in their genre to come out of Australia.

1. Prologue
2. Neverbloom
3. Morrow
4. Elegies
5. Maelstrom
6. Oceans Of Emptiness
7. The Well
8. Weeping Wastelands
9. Widower
10. Chronicles