This band is all about the rock

If there’s an Aussie band that deserves more loving than they’re currently getting, it’s Mammoth Mammoth.

Now on their sixth release, it’s clear from the very first glance that this band is all about the rock. Just look at that cover. It’s a topless honey looking sexy as hell on top of a pile of rocks! There hasn’t been a more rock album cover since Alabama Thunderpussy put a huge pair of boobs on Staring at the Divine. Mammoth Mammoth’s rock n roll is so high octane, they’d leave Nashville Pussy choking on blue smoke; so much muscle, in a cage match against Monster Magnet, Wyndorf’s crew would come out second best.

Mount the Mountain is wall-to-wall flat-to-the-floor, heavy-as-fuck riffamania. ‘Kickin’ My Dog’ is one of the best driving songs of all time, and I know that because I was driving a truck while listening to this. ‘Cold Liquor’ is a top notch drinking song, and I know that because I was drinking while listening to this too. And if you’re overly concerned about the implications of those last two sentences, chuck on the title track of Mount the Mountain and you’ll be rocking so hard you won’t give a fuck about anything else either. If we were serious about world peace, we could play this album to everyone on earth simultaneously and everyone would be so busy headbanging and air-guitaring they wouldn’t want to do anything else. Except maybe fuck, because this is great music to fuck to as well. And if you’ve been following the narrative, you’ll know why I know that.

Mount the Mountain by Mammoth Mammoth. If you say you love rock and roll and you don’t like this, you’re a poseur and deserve to die.

1. Mount the Mountain
2. Spellbound
3. Hole in the Head
4. Kickin’ My Dog
5. Procrastination
6. Sleep Walker
7. Epitome
8. Hard Way Down
9. Wild and Dead
10. Cold Liquor
11. I Can’t Get You Out of My Head