Not the Megadeth we know and love

Megadeth’s 14th album, Super Collider is just a mess.

Let down by some average lyrics, boring sub-par riffs incorporated into a plain hard rock theme – this is not the Megadeth we know and love.

Dave Mustaine is not immune to having taken odd courses throughout the band’s history. 1999’s Risk was exactly that and split the fans as Load had for Metallica. However, the majority of the Megadeth discography has been pretty good and in some cases brilliant. Even the more recent release, 2009’s Endgame, was pretty well everything that the average Megadeth fan craves for, killer riffs and that Mustaine snarl.

So what lets Super Collider down? Let’s start with the lyrics. Some of the gems on this album border on comical, if not lazy. It’s almost as if Mustaine thought that if it rhymes, it’ll do. From the track ‘Forget To Remember’ (featuring Disturbed’s David Draiman) – “So much trapped inside, ooh, tangled in your brain/It’s getting cold outside and it looks like rain”. Listen to ‘Burn’ and ‘Off The Edge’ in their entirety and you’ll have a clearer picture of the lyrical issues that hound the album.

The tempo change, without a doubt, is the biggest let down and bone of contention. Was Mustaine trying to be radio friendly or is it just a case of age catching up with the once angriest man in metal? The banjo (yes… a freakin’ banjo!) at the beginning of ‘The Blackest Crow’ is something we’d never think we’d hear on a Megadeth album – yet here it is in all its glory.

It’s not all bad. ‘Kingmaker’ is a decent tune bordering on some similar Megadeth thrash tracks from earlier releases and Chris Broderick delivers some nice licks in between Mustaine’s gurgling vocals. However the depth in the album is shallow, and the title track does little to inspire multiple listens as it meanders into obscurity. The Thin Lizzy cover ‘Cold Sweat’ rounds out the album, and to be honest, it’s a decent version when plucked out of all the rubble that is ‘Super Collider’.

Mustaine needs to find his mojo and get angry again. This story-telling version of Megadeth just doesn’t cut it. If you’re a Megadeth fanatic you’ll be able to pick the bones out of some tracks to appease your metal appetite but for the casual metal fan, Super Collider is one of those albums you’ll find in the clearance bin of your local record store quicker than most.

1.            Kingmaker
2.            Super Collider
3.            Burn!
4.            Built For War
5.            Off The Edge
6.            Dance In The Rain
7.            The Beginning Of Sorrow
8.            The Blackest Crow
9.            Forget To Remember
10.          Don’t Turn Your Back…
11.          Cold Sweat