Showing there’s plenty of bite left in old dogs

Sharing musical alumni from Bolt Thrower and Benediction among others, Memoriam came storming out of the gate in 2017 before a less well received release a year later that felt they were already running out of steam.  Here we are another twelve months later, and another album release.  This time Memoriam have dug a little deeper and rediscovered the sense of urgency that was missing on The Silent Vigil.

Launching straight over the barrier, the band waste no time in bludgeoning the listener both musically and with vocalist Karl Willetts socially aware lyrical output pushed to the fore on devastating tracks such as ‘Never the Victim’ and  ‘Austerity Kills’.  ‘In The Midst of Desolation’ brings a slower, more crushing weight to musical proceedings, showing Memoriam are still willing to change things up a little. 

Requiem for Mankind feels as though the formulas used on both previous albums has been combined as they finally come together as musicians, throwing off the comparisons to their previous bands and becoming their own, far more modern musical beast, while holding to the past that made them all musicians to be looked up to within the British music scene. If one thing can be complained about, it is that this new found musical foundry could do with some trimming to keep the brooding intensity feel more immediate. ‘The Veteran’, for instance, starts out with a more modern pace before sinking back into a meandering plod that drags on. Closing track ‘Interment’ is an instrumental that relies on a repetitive, meandering riff that never really goes anywhere. Had the album finished on the more immediate ‘Fixed Bayonets’, it would have finished as strong as it started. 

Just like Firespawn earlier this year, Memoriam are showing the younger generations how much bite is left in the old dogs, and this album is their biggest yet.

  1. Shell Shock
  2. Undefeated
  3. Never the Victim
  4. Austerity Kills
  5. In The Midst of Desolation
  6. Refuse to be Led
  7. The Veteran
  8. Requiem for Mankind
  9. Fixed Bayonets
  10. Interment