A raw, hard hitting affair

Having proven they are their own entity rather than a clone of their respective past musical ventures, British extreme metallers Memoriam aren’t ones to screw around – they have dropped their follow up to For The Fallen, entitled The Last Vigil – exactly one year to the day!

Right from the start, ‘Soulless Parasite’ comes pounding out of the speakers with a brooding groove comprised of ballsy riffage, solid driving drums and Karl Willetts’ unique vocal attack, ‘From the Flames’ and ‘No Known Grave’ are laden with a heaping amount of groove that will induce the listener into banging their head instantaneously, ‘Bleed the Same’ builds and builds throughout up to a pounding submission. The pace picks up on the octane fulled ‘The New Dark Ages’ and ‘As Bridges Burn’, where ‘Nothing Remains’ possesses a punk intensity and the album closer ‘Weaponised Fear’ moves and attacks like a hunter searching for his prey in the heat of battle.

What sets The Last Vigil apart from For The Fallen is the overall sound – For The Fallen has more of a big, modern sounding death metal production where as The Last Vigil is a lot rawer, grittier and stripped back that is more reminiscent of the Hellfire Demos. It hearkens back to the classic era of death metal of the 90s from bands like Morbid Angel or Entombed. This makes The Last Vigil feel as its own unique beast without being a clone of the first.

The Last Vigil is a raw, hard hitting affair without any gimmicks or bullshit. It’s testament to an old adage – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Last Vigil is a fine slab of good old British death metal and proves Memoriam are their own unique entity and are here to stay.

  1. Soulless Parasite
  2. Nothing Remains
  3. From the Flames
  4. The Silent Vigil
  5. Bleed the Same
  6. As Bridges Burn
  7. The New Dark Ages
  8. No Known Grave
  9. Weaponised Fear