Unlikely to survive as anything more than a curiosity piece

Metal Allegiance were apparently on stage doing a Lemmy tribute show when the news came about David Bowie’s death.

Thus the idea for this three-tracker was spawned: take the all-star approach from the album and apply it to a tribute to three big heroes (Glenn Frey, who also subsequently checked out eight days later, is the third). The results are pretty mixed.
‘Iron Fist’, with Troy Sanders out front, is a fairly straight-up cover. Sanders, cool as he is, is no Lemmy and doesn’t try to be, but it all comes off a bit dad rock, like that time the local pub combo decided to cover ‘Enter Sandman’. For some reason, Skolnick and Co. thought the best way to do ‘Suffragette City’ was the make the riff barely recognisable and completely ruin the whole vibe of the song, although self-confessed Bowiephile Mark Osagueda does his darnedest to keep things on track. Poor job.
The real surprise is ‘Life in the Fast Lane’, where Metal Allegiance finally loosen up and just rip into a great song, then turn it into the celebration it’s actually supposed to be. Alissa White-Gluz might have seemed a strange choice to sing this at first, but she nails it so well you actually want to hear more of her doing stuff like this. It doesn’t make up for how they got ‘Suffragette City’ so, so wrong, though, and it’s unlikely that this will survive as anything more than a curiosity piece a few years from now.

1. Iron Fist
2. Suffragette City
3. Life in the Fast Lane