Fans new and old will find plenty to like

With a perfect blend of guitars, horns and gravelly vocals emanating in catchy and memorable songs, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones are widely known as stalwarts of ska and with a seven year gap since their last album, they deliver their newest release, While We’re At It.

As the chords crash into the trademark ska beat on album opener ‘Green Bay, Wisconsin’, it just feels right, a happy and upbeat kicking tune that brings a smile to the face.

There are plenty of the upbeat and dynamic tracks that the Bosstones are known for here, the catchy rocker ‘Closer to Nowhere’, the infectious ‘Wonderful Day for the Race’, ‘The West Ends’, ‘Here We Are’ and ‘In Honour Of’. ‘The Constant’ ebbs and flows with with an organ driven groove and honest lyrics about the struggles of working in a blue collar world.

On the other side of things, there’s the smooth and upbeat feel of ‘Divide’  and ‘Walked Like a Ghost’, a heaping spoonful of skanking and simmering reggae in ‘Unified’ and ‘Absolutely Wrong’ and the album closes in a big band style with the anthemic ‘After the Music is Over’.

After 35 years and 10 albums, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones still possess the ability to compose and deliver a plethora of fun, catchy tunes that could please the most hardened of musical ears. It all  can rock, groove, skank and even make you think – that’s the beauty of the material on  While We’re At It. Fans new and old will find plenty to like here.

  1. Green Bay, Wisconsin
  2. The Constant
  3. Wonderful Day for the Race
  4. Unified
  5. Divide
  6. Closer to Nowhere
  7. Walked Like a Ghost
  8. The West Ends
  9. Here We Are
  10. The Mad Dash
  11. Absolutely Wrong
  12. In Honor Of
  13. Hugo’s Wife
  14. After the Music is Over