Original Aussie hardcore bruisers come back

Mindsnare have been around the block a few times on the Australian hardcore scene, releasing their first album way back in 1996. Their last full length release Disturb the Hive came out in 2007, with a couple of EPs coming out sporadically in recent times since.

The release of this album has come as a bit of a surprise, dropping without any announcement or any real fanfare of any kind. Just the way the band has always liked it. Containing the tracks from the Into Infinity and The Holy Bull Rides Fast EPs but also new tracks recorded, no doubt at the same time with famed Aussie producer Jason Fuller and mixed by Kurt Ballou.

This album is everything you would expect from Mindsnare, hardcore that almost verges on extreme metal crossover at times with throat shredding vocals from Matt Maunder, upfront guitar assault from Beltsy and the bottom end held together tight by drummer Gordy Foreman and bassist Nigel Melder keeping the heaviness tight and focused, even when a song feels like it is about to lose control.

Dark and foreboding throughout, only instrumental track ‘The Inquisition’ gives respite with its doom like guitars and a spoken passage about immortality from a little known 60s Italian horror film, a nod to the band’s mindset on this album. Unholy Rush sounds like it was written by the same angry young men that wrote Hanged, Choked, Wrists Slit only darker, something the band has said they were aiming for and achieved in spades.

With Sydney hardcore originators Toe to Toe also due to release an album soon, the old guard seem to be making something of a return this year.  This is something you do not want to miss out on, so get in the pit now!

1. Intro
2. Winter
3. Lacerate to Exist
4. Unholy Rush
5. Into Infinity
6. Gateway to Madness
7. The Inquisition
8. The Holy Bull Rides Fast
9. Nowhere to Run
10. Escape the Fallout
11. Not a Lot Gets Forgiven
12. Witches With Blood