Just feels like an overblown EP

Sometime in 2007 Ministry’s fearless leader Al Jourgensen said that their album The Last Sucker would be the last for the band. Here eleven years later we are set to see the third release post ‘retirement’ and things are not looking any better in the U.S. political system Al likes to rally against.

Throwaway piece ‘I Know Words’ sets a very plodding pace for the album to come. Essentially a three-minute Donald Trump speech set to an uncomfortable musical background, it seeks to highlight how much of a buffoon the current leader of the ‘free world’ is, rather successfully it must be said, if not for the musical undertone.

Leaping into yet more speechs set to music, ‘Twilight Zone’ kicks off at the same plodding pace and never really goes anywhere, the touch of harmonica is the only real highlight in a song that is overblown with a run time over eight minutes; the usual energy of the band is easily lost several times. The same can be said for the follow up ‘Victims of a Clown’, another over bloated exercise in trying even the avid Ministry fan’s patience.

‘We’re Tired Of It’ finally picksup the pace and shows off some of the venom they have become known for along with some Burton C. Bell thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately this is the album’s highpoint. If you made it this far, congratulations: you found the gem.

AmeriKKKant sinks back into forgetful overblown tunes ‘Wargasm’ is another track spliced together with speechs and more Burton to try and fatten it, but as seems to be the case for this album, the track loses its bite because it is far too long and plodding. From here there is new single ‘Antifa’ and two more tracks that honestly, I got half way through and skipped through to see if they got any better.

I enjoyed when Al and Ministry rediscovered their bite and took us all for a ride with them through the minds of broken men rallying against their government’s perceived wrong doings. AmeriKKKant just feels like an overblown EP thrown in by a band that had solid lyrical bite but lacked the musical vision to back it up.  Maybe the band should finally be rested.

  1. I Know Words
  2. Twilight Zone
  3. Victims Of A Clown
  4. TV 5/4 Chan
  5. We’re Tired Of It
  6. Wargasm
  7. Antifa
  8. Game Over
  9. AmeriKKKa