Catchy, dark, melody-ridden rock

With a heritage that goes back more than two decades, Sydney’s The Mis-Made are no strangers to rock, and that’s precisely what this nine-tracker does.

The band’s core sound may be hard rock, but their songs are laced with a punk rock attitude and a shimmering pop sensibility. A string of singles and EPs have led The Mis-Made to this debut full-length, and they’ve hit it out of the park.

‘Blood Money’ is a driving heavy rock cut that recalls the later period of founder Jessamine Finlayson’s Nitocris, loaded with hooks and trademark vocal harmonies. On Jess Coram’s ‘Control’, the band get both heavier and darker while those lush, killer harmonies remain; ‘Outsider’ is a melodic rocker that swings to a marching beat and drops in a brief splash of dancehall piano. The Mis-Made continue to change it up across the album: ‘Ice’ is a bitter rocker, ‘Long Days’ shows a more introspective side. Later on, the minor key gem ‘She Rips Me Open’ is one of the album’s highlight tracks with its haunting melodies and moody strings. The feeling pervades into ‘Seeds’ before they plunge ahead into full-tilt mode again to close out with ‘Good Intentions’.

With Changeling, The Mis-Made have delivered something quite special: an album of catchy, dark, occasionally angsty, melody-ridden rock with not a single sub-par cut out of the bunch.

1. Blood Money
2. Control
3. Outsider
4. Ice
5. Long Days
6. Cold Heart
7. She Rips Me Open
8. Seeds
9. Good Intentions