A sound that is truly becoming their own

Misery Index surprised a few people on their last album The Killing Gods’ by steering away from their more at times frenzied grindcore approach to instead to tackle a more traditional death metal sound.  Here, Rituals of Power aims to continue to adjust their formula.

The albums opens quietly enough with the almost serene ‘Universal Untruths’ before the band lunge straight for the throat. ‘Decline and Fall’ puts the band’s new found ability to welcome some melody into their musical structure with a mix of thrash and some traditional grind beatdown thrown in, to call attention to the swirling chaos going on.

Misery Index continues in this vein throughout, and with just nine tracks and a short run time of 36 minutes, there is no time to breathe.  The middle set of tracks ‘New Salem’, ‘Hammering the Nails’ and ‘Rituals of Power’ is where they completely give in to their different musical influences, going from a hardcore bite to their more chaotic grind, all channeled with great musicality through the traditional sounding death metal mask they began with on their previous album.

The guitar work from Darrin Morris and Mark Kloeppel deserves praise, with short but tasteful solos adding flair to a musical construct generally famed for its speed and technical prowess but less for the element of surprise that can come from a well formed melodic passage.

With this album, Misery Index have shown further musical growth, with added elements creating a sound that is truly becoming their own, and making them hard to put in any particular sub-genre box.

  1. Universal Untruths
  2. Decline and Fall
  3. The Choir Invisible
  4. New Salem
  5. Hammering the Nails
  6. Rituals Of Power
  7. They Always Come Back
  8. I Disavow
  9. Naysayer