A rare gem

Art rock is a difficult thing to find these days, much of it subsumed into progressive rock over the years, but there are still acts for whom the arty side is of definite importance. 

Moana is a Perth collective named for its creative heart, Moana Mayatrix, and In the Allure is an album woven from a world of styles and influences. From the Eastern-sounding tones of the opening track to the pulsing industrial clamour of E LIX A, each song is a different representation of character.

In spite of the diverse nature of the tracks, In the Allure is a remarkably cohesive album that ebbs and flows from each pinnacle to the next – the haunting Gothic Dracula is a foil for the Baroque, Tea Party-flavoured Smoke That Thunders that precedes it, The Cultess and Scarab are surging back-to-back heavy rockers that complement each other ahead of the dark, atmospheric Sister Winter and Blood Moon that mirror each other in the centre of the album. In the Allure surges again with the next two tracks, before Promise builds to a crescendo of distorted guitar, then ebbs softly away. Throughout it all is the ethereal charm of Moana’s voice like the silver thread of Theseus, guiding the way through her band’s labyrinth of mood and approach, both the cypher and the key to this mystical journey.

In the Allure is a rare gem from a treasure waiting to be discovered.

  1. Smoke That Thunders
  2. Dracula
  3. The Cultess
  4. Scarab
  5. Sister Winter
  6. Blood Moon
  7. Feral Umbilical
  8. E LIX A
  9. Promise