Exactly the same thing for almost an hour

It would be difficult to find a band with a more minimalist approach than Moss. Drone has always been about playing as little as possible, as slowly as possible, as often as possible, and on Horrible Night Moss take this idea to murky new depths.

Never a genre over-crowded with riffs, over the course of its near-hour long playing time, this album uses only one, repeated endlessly at varying degrees of agonising slowness. The other instrumentation is practically non-existent; drums appear as lazy, muffled beats off in the distance and of bass there seems to be no sign. The indistinct vocals bear some resemblence to a cross between a young Ozzy and a very stoned Lee Dorrian, but despite some creepy diSEMBOWELMENT-like strangle-y noises and a bout of coughing here and there, there’s no variation at all, using literally exactly the same vocal pattern in every track. Half an hour in, the band deconstruct things even further with the structure-less instrumental “Dreams From the Depths”, consisting of little more than ambience and a few strummed chords on an acoustic guitar. It would be hard to find a more pointless track.

“Horrible Nights” hooked me in with the scale of its riff, the subterranean atmosphere and harrowing production, but there’s more to this kind of music than playing exactly the same thing for almost an hour. After one track, you’ll either be hypnotised into listening to the whole album, bored, or asleep.

1. Horrible Nights
2. Bleeding Years
3. Dark Lady
4. Dreams from the Depths
5. The Coral of Chaos
6. I Saw Them That Night