Plenty of life in the old boys yet

It should matter that a few of the songs on Motörhead’s new release, Aftershock (their 21stalbum), have a familiar feel to a raft of other tracks from previous years. It should matter that Lemmy’s voice is still strained in places due to age and alcohol (amongst other things). It should matter that Lemmy is nearing 70 years of age and the band are now into their 38th year of existence.

It doesn’t.

For straight up rock that kicks your arse, and, as they like to say on one of their war-pig tee shirts, ‘everything louder than everything else’ – Motörhead still reign supreme. Aftershock is even better than recent albums, The World is Yours and Motorizer; no mean feat considering their quality.

Leading off with the single ‘Heartbreaker’, you quickly get the picture that nothing has deviated too much in the world of Motörhead. The bass lines are rollicking, the riffs that accompany Lemmy’s lead offs are frenetic and Mikkey Dee can still pound the skins into oblivion. ‘Coup De Grace’ continues the empowered combination with Lemmy in full story mode as only he does best. ‘Lost Woman Blues’ is a game changer with two feet firmly planted in the title’s genre, supplying the opportunity to top up your Jacks n’ Coke in preparation for the inevitable avalanche.

Providing inspiration to all metalheads entering grandfather status, ‘End of Time’ is a pacemaker in overdrive with Wizzo Campbell serving up two solos in a conglomerate of Motörhead rock n roll. ‘Death Machine’ and ‘Going to Mexico’ maintain the aggression amongst the ballsy, bluesy metal hybrid that typifies the release that culminates in the track, ‘Paralyzed’, an appropriate name considering how loud you will want to play this album.

Motörhead are still relevant in the world of rock and to be honest one of the coolest. Amongst all the merch and launch of everything from headphones to pint glasses to vodka and beer, the lads maintain the rage, refusing any decline into a nostalgia act. Age may weary them off the stage but Aftershock shows there is still plenty of life in the old boys yet.

1. Heartbreaker
2. Coup de Grace
3. Lost Woman Blues
4. End of Time
5. Do You Believe
6. Death Machine
7. Dust and Glass
8. Going to Mexico
9. Silence When You Speak to Me
10. Crying Shame
11. Queen of the Damned
12. Knife
13. Keep Your Powder Dry
14. Paralyzed