Pure down and dirty rock and roll

Throughout their 35+ year existence, Motörhead have always been somewhat of an antithesis to everything that is popular music.

They don’t write hit singles, they don’t look pretty and they have never sold out for a quick buck and with their latest release, their twentieth studio album The World is Yours, the band delivers 40 minutes of pure down and dirty rock and roll that personifies Motörhead to a T.

The vibe in the opening track “Born to Lose” doesn’t just announce itself: it kicks the door in, grabs you by the throat and sticks around, drinks all of your alcohol and leaves a haze of cigarette smoke that remains for the duration of the album.

The material on The World is Yours fluctuates throughout. One minute you could have a foot stomping rock n roller such as ‘”I Know How to Die”, “Waiting for the Snake” and “I Know What You Need”, then switch into cuts laden with groove like “Brotherhood Of Man” (which is reminiscent of Orgasmatron) and the forementioned opener alongside thrash metal like “Outlaw” with its catchy lyrics and showcase for drummer Mikkey Dee’s chops. However the track that stands out from the rest is “Rock n Roll Music”. The band back off their heavily distorted riffage a bit and go in somewhat of a blues/country direction that works because it’s Motörhead.

The current lineup of Motörhead have been together for close to twenty years and they still have what it takes in the performance department. Lemmy’s throaty vocals and trademark bass attack are like a fine wine that only gets better with age, Phil Campbell’s guitar work is precise and to the point with some killer solos throughout and drummer Mikkey Dee is all over the album with his well refined drum skills.

The World is Yours is a solid album from Motörhead. Let’s face it, they aren’t out to invent the musical wheel with this album. They stick with what they know and it proves why they are still standing and playing the music they love 35 years down the track.

1. Born To Lose
2. I Know How To Die
3. Get Back In Line
4. Devils In My Head
5. Rock ‘N’ Roll Music
6. Waiting For The Snake
7. Brotherhood Of Man
8. Outlaw
9. I Know What You Need
10. Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye