A true testament to the extremely high quality of metal being produced in this country

Fans of In Flames, Trivium  and Bullet For My Valentine will find a lot to love about Reveries, the debut album from Melbourne’s Naberus. 

The four piece play a combination of melodic death, metalcore and groove metal with growls and cleans producing a mighty impressive first album that should hopefully provide them with more recognition on the local scene as well as catapulting them onto the world stage.

The one-two punch of album openers ‘Drones and ‘Voices’ raise the bar extremely high in terms of heaviness very early on with the drums and guitars sound amazing and you’ll likely find yourself air guitaring to the many incredible solos. There are also noticeable traces of djent (is that still a sub-sub-genre?) very reminiscent of the UK’s Monuments throughout the entire album.

The title track and ‘Gallows’ from 2011’s The Fallen EP make a reappearance sounding better and heavier than ever. ‘Dirge For Sanity’ follows up and is an instrumental track taken from 2009’s The Ruins of Society EP, showcasing the excellent musicianship of the band, a perfect chance for a breather before the heaviness resumes on ‘Cohesion’. Album closer and title track ‘Reveries’ is an absolutely crushing song and the standout track. It will definitely be a live highlight.

Reveries is a true testament to the extremely high quality of metal being produced in this country, standing up to, maybe even surpassing, a majority of anything released locally this year. Any exposure and accolades this band receive off the back of this amazing debut will be very well deserved.

1. Drones
2. Voices
3. Unmasked
4. The Fallen
5. Darkest Day
6. Gallows
7. Dirge for Sanity
8. Cohesion
9. Reveries