Not background music for parties

California’s power violence stalwarts Nails burst into the world in 2009 with a violent ferocity, delivering compositions that hit bludgeoningly hard, violent and fast.

Their newest release and major label debut You Will Never Be One Of Us is just that – a no-nonsense, straight to the point, no bullshit relentless approach that pulverises for 22 minutes from top to tail.

This is not background music for parties – the music slices like a killer wielding a well sharpened razor blade in tracks such as the grinding ‘Friend To Fall’, the double bass driven title track, the aptly titled Slayer-like ‘In Pain’ and the dirty barrage of ‘Parasite’.

For all of the crazed grind insanity, there is plenty of groove laden moments thrown in that commands you to go ape in tracks such as ‘Made To Make You Fall’,’In Quietus’ with its pounding end section, ‘Violence Is Forever’ and ‘Life Is a Death Sentence’. Kurt Ballou’s gritty, dark yet aurally corrosive production brings that all to the forefront, surely emanating in some blown up speakers or damaged ears.

The album is nicely tied together with the 8 minute opus that is ‘They Come Crawling Back’, a doomy manifestation of all that is Nails with its bludgeoning groove, Todd Jones’ throaty, angry vocals and HM-2 driven guitars – basically like going for broke in the final round of a fight – attacking from all angles and landing shot after shot.

On You Will Never Be One Of Us, Nails stick to their guns and pound out another crushing release. If intensity could be defined in one word – it is Nails. Enough said.

  1. You Will Never Be One of Us
  2. Friend to All
  3. Made to Make You Fail
  4. Life is a Death Sentence
  5. Violence is Forever
  6. Savage Intolerance
  7. In Pain
  8. Parasite
  9. Into Quietus
  10. They Come Crawling Back
  • barry