An awkward scatter-gun approach to arrangement

Regardless the scene you’re part of, it pays to stand out, and if nothing else Necrostalgia have succeeded in that area with one of the most stunning album covers of 2016.

If that isn’t enough to sell a few copies all by itself, then everyone might just as well give up.

No matter how good the art, however, it’s still the music that counts. Necrostalgia describe themselves as a death metal band, but to these ears that comes down almost purely to the vocals. Musically, the band present a generally more mid-paced thrash vibe with plenty of towering solos and some quirky, off-kilter song writing: ‘Look Up’, for example, opens with a strange stop/start riff that later gives way to an ominous chug and on ‘In Time’ melodic rock guitar lines and swelling synths weave in and out of more raw chugging. Rather than prog’s nuanced complexities, however, Necrostalgia’s is an awkward scatter-gun approach to arrangement that actually hampers their music and it makes the songs difficult to follow: sometimes it feels like they just threw random motifs together to see if they stuck and then just played them anyway. The drummer does a sterling job of somehow keeping it all on the rails.

There is plenty of talent here. The solos and a lot of the riffing are solid and the drumming is great, the artwork is glorious, but the somewhat angular aspect of Necrostalgia’s song writing is an obstacle they need to overcome.
1. Denial
2. Chapel Perilous
3. Look Up
4. Digital Footprints
5. In Time
6. Nightbreed
7. Methods of Terror
8. Night’s Reign