Good solid thrash/groove

Nekröfeist is a four-piece band from Wollongong and right from the outset of this self-titled debut they make no apologies for what they are.

Within a few seconds, opening track “Dominiputris” has staked their claim in aggressive groove metal territory and it’s one they cling to grimly for the next half an hour, but without really making a statement in originality. Despite this, the four songs here (six tracks total including the interchangeable “radio edits” of earlier songs) establish a decent foothold for Nekröfeist to build on.

The cover art makes them look like they fell out of a timewarp from the mid-90s and musically they are like an updated version of that period. It’s good solid thrash/groove with modern and excellent production but overall there isn’t really enough in the material that makes it jump out and be recognised. The playing is hard to fault but the songs lack sufficient hooks. Dave Tinelt’s vocals are something of a weak point: the gruff howl he does seems a bit undeveloped and the more traditional voice he uses could be stronger. Still, they’ve done plenty right getting people like Ash from Tourettes to produce and Lachlan Mitchell to mix and while there is definitely room for improvement, overall it isn’t a bad way for Nekröfeist to introduce themselves to fans of groove-laden metal.

1. Dominiputris
2. Choke
3. Destroyed
4. Government Ruins
5. Dominiputris (radio edit)
6. Government Ruins (radio edit)