Rock your heart out

Five albums in and The Neptune Power Federation continue to find way to surprise and fascinate their growing legion of fans.

Always a band no stranger to concept albums, this time they turn their hand to the eternal theme of love. In doing so, a few of the more overtly metallic aspects of previous albums have been pulled back to reveal more distinctly 70s classic rock moves, with injections of funky grooves and power ballad histrionics – but that doesn’t mean they’ve eased off.

Le Demon de L’amour is a monster of a rock record, opening with the epic bombast of Weeping on the Morn setting up another wild ride from the Federation, with a ripping pace and the Princess’ voice powering through the sweeping changes. My Precious One takes up the mantle with a riff so catchy its ridiculous and then Baby You’re Mine serves up the first big curveball with its huge bouncing funk. It’s the clearest sign that Le Demon de L’amour is the most different beast in a catalogue where each entity bears its own individual character.

Loving You is Killing Me is the most metal of these tracks, with searing melody lines and overflowing with backing vocal tracks; Stay With Thee keeps its pedal to the flat-out rock and roll metal all the way into Troy Scerri’s blazing solo and out the other side. For a band not exactly known for tenderness in the past, the NPF team up with Chris Penney from Private Function for a massive Steinman-style power ballad to close the set. We Beasts of the Night pays homage to Meat Loaf, voices duetting over melancholy 12-string guitars until the tension builds to a glorious epic and over-the-top rock crescendo.

The Neptune Power Federation outdo themselves with every album, and this one keeps up that proud tradition. Le Demon de L’amour is the most diverse and extravagant outing yet from the NPF, an album of sheer groovy rocking power with the voice of the Imperial Princess a towering presence of supreme majesty. This will rock your heart out.

1. Weeping on the Main
2. My Precious One
3. Baby You’re Mine
4. Loving You is Killing Me
5. Stay With Thee
6. Emmaline
7. Madly in Love
8. We Beasts of the Night