If it was any more fun, it would be illegal

It seems like just a few weeks ago that The Neptune Power Federation’s last missives were abrading the ears, and yet here is another collection of their cosmic tales.

Memoirs of a Rat Queen is another complete concept from the Sydney retro-psychedelic metal nuts, a tale of a time-traveling avatar in female form leaping from moment to moment in history, like a Michael Moorcock anti-hero with a groovy rocking soundtrack and far less reliance on deus ex machina.

“Can You Dig?” is only the first step on the journey and the NPF are already pulling out every stop they can find in their quest for rock and roll glory: handclaps, disco beats, swathes of psychedelia, dive-bomb guitars. “Watch Out Masters” builds from an ethereal vocal melody drenched in reverb to a total psychedelic freak-out. “Bound for Hell” adds a countrified slide guitar with a smoky Southern feel before being broadsided by the big metal riffing that Fox and Troy throw all over this – they even drop a very timely and appropriate Judas Priest riff into “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” that fits right into the storyline.

The songcraft is given further impetus by the all-conquering vocals of the Rat Queen herself, a voice that goes from a whisper to a wail to a scream, unfolding tales of revenge, lust and depravity with an uncanny power and range. Combined, Memoirs of a Rat Queen is a wild ride of rocking heavy metal, funky bass lines, danceable beats, blazing guitar solos, pop-laced melodies and multi-tracked banshee wails with a glorious full-colour graphic novel to accompany it all. If it was any more fun, it would be illegal.

  1. Can You Dig?
  2. Watch Our Masters Bleed
  3. Flying Incendiary Club for Subjugating Demons
  4. Rat Queen
  5. Bound for Hell
  6. I’ll Make a Man Out of You
  7. Pagan Inclinations
  8. The Reaper Comes for Thee