Pure rock ‘n roll overload

Unleashing glorious retro metal from the first note and armed with a powerful new vocalist, Sydney reprobates The Neptune Power Federation prove they are so much more than a one-off novelty act with Music from Lucifer’s Universe.

A musical accompaniment to guitarist Mike “Inverted CruciFox” Foxall’s dark graphic novel, The NPF’s second album is a refinement of the style they established on Mano a Satano, and given an extra punch thanks to the extraordinary power of singer Lauren “Screaming Loz Sutch” Whalley’s voice. Her vocals add a new dimension to the band’s fuzzed-out rocking metal assault.

It’s an entertaining and diverse listen. ‘Begone Sorcerer’ has a big bouncing vibe whipped along by a cowbell, ‘A Sound of Thunder’s’ riff is to-die-for and ‘The Man From Tomorrow’ shows the band rocking out in all their wah-drenched, theremin-laced catchy glory; ‘Hellfire Boogie’ sounds exactly the way a song with that title should, complete with swirly 70s-flavour organ thrown in the mix.  The psychedelic vibe reaches its height with the seven minute freak-out ‘Mind Voyager (Suites 1, 2 &3)’ and the trippy, impossibly overdriven ‘Invisible Pill’ with added folksy acoustics and flute intro. Like the debut, Music From Lucifer’s Universe is an incredibly fun record but better in every way, a real step up and pure rock ‘n roll overload from go to woah. Get the horns up.

1. Begone Sorcerer
2. Witch’s Bitch
3. Thirst for Blood
4. A Sound of Thunder
5. Mind Voyager (Suites 1, 2 & 3)
6. Invisible Pill
7. Lucifer’s Universe
8. The Man from Tomorrow
9. Hellfire Boogie
10. Mothership