Another volume of occult-laced acid rock

Less than a year on from the soundtrack album of their guitarist’s graphic novel, this group of renegades from 90s punk bands has returned with another volume of occult-laced acid rock.

Expanding their minds and those of everyone around them, The Neptune Power Federation have delved further into the psychedelic miasma of fuzzy guitars and rocking riffs as they become more deeply entangled in the arcane. Leading them on their journey into Sabbathian realms is winged goddess Screaming Loz Sutch who invokes spells esoteric and obscure in a voice of astonishing power and range.

The tone is set early when the fat riffs and rocking pace give way to an arcane sermon mingled with choirs and guitar noodlings so that the path the band is about to take is anything but predictable as it moves through various shades of psychedelia, garage rock and old school heavy metal guitar attacks. ‘Sup thy Potion’ is a classic desert rocker, ‘Opium Den’ a cranking uptempo galloper and ‘Way of the Wizard’, complete with a guitar lick stolen directly from ‘Phantom of the Opera’, is flat-out NWOBHM-inspired goodness.

‘We Shall Triumph’ is where the Federation bring it all together, as if the journey of the last three albums has led to this point. Perhaps one of the most 70s songs recorded since the actual 70s, ‘We Shall Triumph’ is a combination of one of early Queen’s mini-epics passed through a psychedelic filter of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and pre-Killing Machine Judas Priest, sinister but triumphant and musically dextrous verging on rock opera. Not only is a glorious end to the album, it is a shining statement of the band’s career so far.

1. Neath a Shin ei Sun
2. Edmunde
3. Opium Den
4. Electric Fairies
5. Burning
6. Sup Thy Potion
7. Way of the Wizard
8. We shall Triumph