Like a melody-laced 80s rock fever dream

I have to say I haven’t really been that interested in much that either Björn Strid or Sharlee D’Angelo have done in a pretty long time.  

Yet here they are both together in a band with a weird name and some concept that makes them look like I would fucking hate them, for some reason. But then, oh my God it comes on and it sounds like someone’s gone up into my attic and started playing a whole bunch of old New Wave cassettes that I’ve got up hidden there at the same time as, like, Journey or something. It’s actually pretty amazing.

I’m sure not what these guys have been listening to on tour over the last decade or so but Aeromantic is like a melody-laced 80s rock fever dream that’s come to life and taken control of my tape deck. Divinyls is named after one of the greatest Aussie rock bands of all time but the melody line has been ripped out of an a-Ha song with a hook so huge it felt as if I was standing in the middle of an arena full of screaming girls with boofy hair and shoulder-padded blouses with stripes on them. Transmissions is like the ghost of early Goth at a disco, as if Peter Hook, Midge Ure and maybe Phil Oakey were jamming on a track and then Barry Gibb and Benny Ulvaeus came in arguing about who had the bigger bank account and they all walked out with a new song. It’s astounding. I still can’t figure out what’s going on and why it works. Golden Swansdown must be from some lost 80s power ballad compilation, surely. Do bands even make songs that sound like this anymore? Carmencita Seven starts out with a big Dio-like crashing riff but then Toto’s keyboards player swans in and teams up with Steve Perry and Steve Lukather and wrest control mid- (ahem) flight. At least, that’s what it sounds like. Good Lord, this is fucking incredible. It even has a pompish metal song on it! I don’t even care why no one has thought of doing anything like this before. This band is doing it now.

And my word they’re really good at it.


  1. Servants of the Air
  2. Divinyls
  3. If Tonight is Our Only Chance
  4. This Boy’s Last Summer
  5. Curves
  6. Transmissions
  7. Aeromantic
  8. Golden Swansdown
  9. Taurus
  10. Carmencita Seven
  11. Sister Mercurial
  12. Dead of Winter
  13. City Lights and Moonbeams