Modern deathcore right down to the ground

The God Delusion is the second outing from Brisbane via Cairns five piece A Night in Texas.

Is it groundbreaking or revelatory? Not at all. This is modern deathcore right down to the ground – jackhammer drumming, crushing grooves and chugging breakdowns – but A Night in Texas know exactly when enough is enough, and that’s what makes this album one of the best examples of the genre to appear in some time. The biggest of all deathcore’s great list of sins is a tenacity to stay within rigidly defined boundaries and then drag that limited set of ideas out ad nauseum. A Night in Texas counter this by cramming nine songs into just short of thirty minutes, meaning that the entire album is over before it starts sounding too repetitive – although it doesn’t really escape that fate.

The title track fades into a gloriously melodramatic crescendo that explodes with drop-tuned chugging and frantic shrieks and the album rarely releases the throttle from that point. ‘Satan’s Upheaval’ introduces a haunting ambience behind the frontline onslaught that adds a sense of menace. This carries through into ‘Throne of Flies II’ before ‘Apostasy’ sees the band changing gear, building up to from a dark acoustic interlude to the next track, ‘I, Godless’ that features some of the heaviest moments of the whole album. The tailend of The God Delusion does sound like the first half on repeat, even down to the atmospherics, but it’s all over before it becomes burdensome. A Night in Texas know exactly how deathcore works, and on The God Delusion they deliver it perfectly.

1. The God Delusion
2. Satan’s Upheaval
3. Throne of Flies II
4. Apostasy
5. I, Godless
6. Heathen
7. The Priest of Lechery
8. Death Scripture
9. The River of Pain